My Elbert: The Gift Of Dyslexia

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Cook’s Independent Tutoring, Coaching, & Consulting, LLC. Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again: Tutoring, Coaching, Courses & Freebies
“ELBERT develops connection, trust, and love by instilling curiosity, autonomy, and attunement in our students.”

Enjoy learning again with a group and individual online tutoring sessions, enrichment, and intervention tutoring classes, dyslexia screenings, parent/teacher courses, and freebies. I prepare students with unique learning and neurodifferences to connect to the world with enrichment, intervention, and tutoring! The online tutoring includes one-on-one intervention. The small group online classes includes enrichment as well as intervention. Note: the small-group classes are 6 or less students. Basically, I have your child stop “guessing” at words and being frustrated by not understanding what they read. They will become confident in their own ability to read, write, and speak!! In my ELBERT™ classes and sessions, I cover the affirmations of strengths of having a neurodifference and view them as “gifts” such as we are highly intelligent and have the ability to use tools and strategies to compensate and problem-solve for our struggles to read, write, or spell.


I help you and/or your child discover their own learning uniquenesses, gifts, and how to use their strengths. Those with a neurodifference, often have intuitive and insightful, well-developed social awareness and emotions while possessing a lexicon of words to help with the synonymous “whys of dyslexia”. We also have deep and holistic, list-form thinking, problem-solving, and building/constructing abilities, computer skills, and gaming strategies. Lastly, we seek out endeavors of creative, imaginative, visual, artistic, and visionary skills while taking on inventing and innovating pursuits.  Lastly, we may excel at thinking of “outside the box” solutions, seeing a problem from many different sides, and spatial relationships along with the ability to think in 3 dimensions. 

Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again:Group Tutoring, Parent Courses, & Freebies

I understand the impact anger and shame that a negative social environment has on those who have learning differences, or as I prefer to say “neurodifferent”, ELBERT™ is a program that employs a positive attitude and positive environment towards learning for those who have difficulty with learning. When they trust their own mind, they can experience the “gifts of dyslexia” and learn anything the way they learn best. Instead of allowing shame and anger to overwhelm the learner, I focus on bringing in positive emotions and teaching methods that help the learner with their learning difference. #1- I enjoy being a “confidence builder” #2 “inspire” those with a neurodifference like myself!


“Now, we know epigenetics is generational anger and shame being healed and determines which genes will be expressed and how systems will function.” —Tricia Cook  @help_dyslexia Check out

Common Questions

How do I know if my child has dyslexia or it’s impacts? NOTE: “One highly cited study showed that around 80 percent of children with dyslexia had both phonological and surface dyslexia, while 20 percent had only one of the two.”You can START with my The Quick Screen of Markers and Characteristics CHECKLIST HERE 

Also, what do Reading Specialists actually do? Well, read HERE…NOTE: With O-G AA Tutor Training, we can also do dyslexia intervention.

Whom do you serve? Children and adults with a variety of learning differences such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, nonverbal learning disabilities, visual processing disorder, sensory processing issues, ADHD, slow-speed processing; basically, anyone who thinks and learns uniquely differently.

Where do you tutor? Online…Why do you like to tutor and teach classes online? Contact Me Here 

What type of evaluations and services do you offer? Check them out HERE or email: for dyslexia screenings, Elbert evaluations, tutoring, coaching, and consulting descriptions and prices!

Where can I learn more about your experience? Press link to find out about my tutoring, coaching and consulting experience and credential:  HERE FOR TESTIMONIALS

What types of tutoring, classes and/or interventions do you offer for children and adults?

  • Reading (Emergent/Advanced- ALL LEVELS)
  • Creative Writing Including Poetry
  • English Including Diagramming
  • Math Including Applied Word Problems
  • ELBERT™: Remember Calm, Listening Skills, Breathing Exercises, & Working Memory
  • Spelling & Sight Words
  • Expressive & Receptive Language
  • Handwriting Including Cursive
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Career & College Readiness Including ACT/SAT (15 plus-adult)
  • Vocabulary &  Comprehension Including Text Analysis & Reading In Research
  • School & Grade Level Readiness Including Pre-K





How do you know about learning differences? Do you offer trainings for parents, teachers, tutors or other RSP?

My name is Tricia Cook, owner, tutor/instructor, and operator of Cook’s Independent Tutoring Coaching, & Consulting, LLC.!!

My motivation is to inform schools, organizations, and their families, who consider themselves weak or weary with challenges of nerurodiversity and learning uniquenesses, by implementing and working with teachers, specialist, and families through social media, courses/speaking engagements, book sales, coaching/consulting, and outreach all with my internationally recognized ELBERT™ (view program HERE)! As well as, I would like to share I little about myself and how I can help you by consulting and/or training! I have dyslexia myself and struggled with anger/shame due to LD (view My Story Of Dyslexia: HERE); I’ve been a Dyslexia Interventionist since 2015; I have been tutoring since 2001; I have been working with students of all ages (literally 18 months-81 years old), It has been my desire to work with the neurodiverse also since 2001 and I have heavily studied learning differences since around 2004; studied human development and education- even developed an neuropedagogy based on educational, neuroscience research; I’ve earned several certifications to help tutor and teach those with learning differences such as the following: State-Certified Reading Specialist (P-12); M. Ed., Degree in Secondary Education; Orton- Gillingham AGOPE AA Tutor Certified; Highly Qualified Status in Reading and Early Childhood Education; AMS Montessori Toddler Certified; Accredited Status 10 Program- 210 Credit Hours of Speech, Language Pathology & Bachelors; State-Teacher Certified in Early Childhood Education (P-3).

As you know, schools, organizations, and families are desperately looking for an effective, alternative type of affordable, multi-sensory, handshakes-on, and interesting instruction and evaluation for learning differences; especially, families here in Alabama with our low literacy rates in varying low-high socioeconomic backgrounds. I’m now coming to a school near you!!  As you may know, literacy (writing, reading and speaking) is key in growing their identity holistically through the spirit, soul and body. Therefore, I’m especially seeking to help Title I-V schools, who have had graduated students—- who are possible illiterate and/or suffer from learning and behavioral-mental challenges, now living in jail, considered to have low-end jobs, living in impoverished conditions, and have poor opportunities to flourish. They might be weak and weary, but they are truly divine. My ELBERT™ program will hopefully help them to heal and consider themselves as divine, increase their trust, connection and love for others and God, hopefully get them out of unwarranted situations by developing their lives’ purpose, and change their DNA!
This desire has prompted me to share more about my reasoning for my ELBERT™ program.  With my new program, I am searching to tell my story/testimony of dyslexia by coaching, training and consulting opportunities by inform schools, organizations, and their families.  I’m also interested in connecting with professionals all over the world with common interests related to alternative and holistic education such as: explicit instruction, neurodiversity awareness, epigenetics, neuropedagogy, self-directed neuroplasticity, literacy tutoring, learning differences, positive mindset and positive learning environments. What I’m presenting to you guys with an ‘alternative perspective’ not a typical one, because I’ve definitely have a divergent mind not atypical one personally. I’m not your traditional academia type educator (even though my extensive resume says otherwise- see HERE) in the least due to my experiences with growing up neurodifference. So please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m online but willing to travel. 
Complete ELBERT™ Evaluations and Interventions
  • ELBERT™ Evaluations




  • ELBERT™ Intervention


Explicit includes


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Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Differences: Leaning Management Techniques & Classroom Management; Building Character Positive Guidance/Discipline with Language and Literacy- Emergent/Advanced; ECE Children’s Literature; Environmental Print & Early Writing; Family Attachment &  Parenting;  Expressive & Receptive Language; Spelling & Sight Words; Poetry &  Creative Writing; Fine-motor Development- Block & Cursive Handwriting; Comprehension Including Reading In Research, Natural Inquiry Based Learning (NIBL); Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies (such as mind mapping);  Phonics Instruction; Vocabulary/Morphology- Advanced Phonics Instruction;  Emergent/Advanced Reading Strategies; Phonological Awareness, Listening & Working Memory; Breathing & Calming Exercises and Activities & Cook’s Outside Professional Development/Consulting/Coaching includes ELBERT™ Interventions & Evaluations plus ELBERT™ course view HERE.


The Problem: ALL our systems and senses need to function equalized, activated, and balanced for learning to take place.


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The Solution: Our goal is for ALL our systems and senses to function equalized, activated, and balanced. With a functional system, the child [or adult] can trust themselves and their gifts and learning uniquenesses through spiritual mindset with self-directed neuroplasticity through ABC’s and gain God awareness (eventually unity) through PYAM.


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Note: What I’m presenting to you is an ‘alternative perspective’ not a typical one, because I definitely have a divergent mind due to my neurodifference and learning uniquenesses not atypical one. My solutions are typical of divergent thought and somewhat in contradiction to a traditional academia type educator (even though my extensive resume says otherwise). Plus, what we do for those with learning differences and uniqueness is it really working for everyone anyway? Please review my information provided below in attachments and consider contacting myself at your convenience. Thank you in advance!

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