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Enjoy learning again with a group and individual online tutoring sessions, enrichment, and intervention tutoring classes, dyslexia screenings, parent/teacher courses, and freebies. Basically, I have your child stop “guessing” at words and being frustrated by not understanding what they read. They will become confident in their own ability to read, write, and speak!! In my ELBERT™ classes and sessions, I cover the affirmations of strengths of having a neurodifference and view them as “gifts” such as we are highly intelligent and have the ability to use tools and strategies to compensate and problem-solve for our struggles to read, write, or spell.




I help you and/or your child discover and use their strengths. Those with a neurodifference, often have intuitive and insightful, well-developed social awareness and emotions while possessing a lexicon of words to help with the synonymous “whys of dyslexia”. We also have deep and holistic, list-form thinking, problem-solving, and building/constructing abilities, computer skills, and gaming strategies. Lastly, we seek out endeavors of creative, imaginative, visual, artistic, and visionary skills while taking on inventing and innovating pursuits. Lastly, we may excel at thinking of “outside the box” solutions, seeing a problem from many different sides, and spatial relationships along with the ability to think in 3 dimensions.

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Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again:Group Tutoring, Parent Courses, & Freebies

I understand the impact anger and shame that a negative social environment has on those who have learning differences, or as I prefer to say “neurodifferent”, ELBERT™ is a program that employs a positive attitude and positive environment towards learning for those who have difficulty with learning. Instead of allowing shame and anger to overwhelm the learner, I focus on bringing in positive emotions and teaching methods that help the learner with their learning difference. 


Common Questions:

Whom do you serve? Children and adults with a variety of learning differences such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, nonverbal learning disabilities, visual processing disorder, sensory processing issues, ADHD, slow-speed processing; basically, anyone who thinks and learns differently.

How do I know if my child has dyslexia? You can START with my The Quick Screen of Markers and Characteristics CHECKLIST HERE

What type of evaluations and services do you offer? Make sure you contact me HERE or email: for dyslexia screenings, Elbert evaluations, tutoring, coaching, and consulting descriptions and prices!

What types of classes and/or interventions do you offer? Press link to find out about my tutoring, coaching and consulting experience and credentialHERE FOR TESTIMONIALS: HERE FOR RESUME

  • Reading (Emergent/Advanced- ALL LEVELS)

  • Creative Writing Including Poetry

  • English Including Diagramming

  • Math Including Applied Word Problems

  • ELBERT™: Calming, Listening Skills, & Working Memory

  • Spelling & Sight Words

  • Expressive & Receptive Language

  • Handwriting Including Cursive

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Vocabulary &  Comprehension Including Text Analysis & Reading In Research

Cook’s Outside Professional Development which includes the following:

Also, what do Reading Specialists actually do? Well, read HERE
NOTE: With O-G AA Tutor Training, we can also do dyslexia intervention.

Do you have any Memberships & Affiliates?


International Dyslexia Association

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The Dyslexia Foundation (Affiliate of ACADEMIC CENTERS FOR EXCELLENCE)

AOGPE Academy Member & Friend

Participant/Accredited CEU

Where do you tutor? Online…Why do you like to tutor and teach classes online?


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What are some alternative ways to help my child with their learning difference? The ELBERT™  Program has focused activities to release emotions of anger or shame which are common with learning challenges. There are some examples such as these HERE.

What are some “better ways” to help my child with learning differences? The ELBERT™ Program has parent/teacher coaching and consulting on these activities to release emotions of anger or shame which are common with learning challenges. There are some examples such as these HERE.

Where do you get the inspiration again to write the ELBERT™ program? HERE

Do you offer training for those that homeschool or tutor those who have learning differences? Yes…Annotation 2020-08-24 101950

Every other Wednesday on Zoom from 1:00-1:30 CST. The instructors are me, Tricia Cook, and Susanne Beddingfield. Please contact us for information.  How do you know about learning differences?

Training Instructor- Tricia Cook, owner, and operator of Cook’s Independent Tutoring Coaching, & Consulting has been tutoring since 2001. I have dyslexia myself and struggled with anger/shame due to LD;  Dyslexia interventionist since 2015; heavily studied learning differences since around 2004; studied human development and education- even educational neuroscience research; several certifications to help tutor and teach those with learning differences such as the following: State-Certified Reading Specialist (P-12); M. Ed., Degree in Secondary Education; Orton- Gillingham AGOPE AA Tutor Certified; Highly Qualified Status in Reading and Early Childhood Education; AMS Montessori Toddler Certified; Accredited Status 10 Program- 210 Credit Hours of Speech, Language Pathology & Bachelors; State-Teacher Certified in Early Childhood Education (P-3). Check out more:


Training Instructor- Susan Beddingfield, owner, and operator of The High Five House,  is on a mission to help students with dyslexia realize their brilliance and reach their maximum potential. Susan has a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture from the University of Alabama. She has been an Orton-Gillingham Practioner since 2008. Susan is a retired home teacher and a parent of a dyslexic daughter. Most recently, Susan is proud to have completed her memoir titled, Where’s Katy: One Mom’s Journey From Fear to Freedom.  Check out more:

More Information on Instructional Series HERE & Sign-up HERE

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