Dyslexia Help: Building Fluency

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Goal: 1) The students will listen to their own recorded Fluency including Prosody,  Rate, and Expression Objective. 2) The students will read independently, with speed, accuracy, and expression, as they will asses the recording of text being read fluently by themselves. Find books on their level here: https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/bookwizard/

Materials: • A copy of the same book or independent-level reading material for each student (such as Kitten’s First Full Moon). • The Story Corps App.: https://storycorps.org/participate/storycorps-app/ recording of an individual reading the book or reading material in a fluent and expressive manner • cellphone with  earphones, if appropriate

Lesson: Give each student a copy of the book. If earphones are appropriate, provide these also. Then, 1. Tell students that as they listen to the material being read, they are to track the print and reading into StoryCorp App. 2. Make sure students are following the text as it is being read. Encourage them to note the speed and expression of the reader (Hint: Fluency remind me of Goldilocks- can’t read too fast or too slow but just right!) 3. At the end of the selection, , re-play the reading and discuss the rate and expression of the reader. If appropriate, specifically noting the times when the reader’s voice changes pitch or intonation. 4. Re-Read the book aloud again while repeating the rate and expression and possibly making adaptations.

Extensions: 1. Using StoryCorp. they can “publish” book recording and adding a picture cover. 2. Share with friends and family. 3. Revisit their own readings. 4. Makeup own stories told into StoryCorp- one day, write them down for preservation and practice! 3. Have the students listen to free or other  audio books for dyslexic students https://learningally.org/About-Us/Why-Audiobooks; https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/bookwizard/https://librivox.org/;




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