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My ELBERT: Everyone Learns Better Embracing Revolutionary Teaching

What is My Elbert?

MY ELBERT™ is unlike any other program you have tried before.  That’s because I am not your typical educator.  This is alternative education model that:


  • Provides the science-based solution to reach the core of diverse cerebral learning based on individual assessments, that eliminates failure once they are equipped at this level.
  • A sure-fire way to conquer phonics and alternative approaches to comprehensive reading and literacy.
  • Plus, you’ll benefit from enrichment tools you can use to help with at-home learning and classroom management.


I know this sounds like bold claims but I have perfected these strategies with students ages 18 months to 81 years old since 2004.


Now it’s your turn to enjoy measurable results…


Are YOU Ready To Enjoy An Affordable, Reading, Writing, & Speaking Holistic Intervention For Your Student/Child?


My program allows you to stop shuffling students/children through their season of discovery and clarity and begin empowering them to choose their unique course with confidence and actionable steps.

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Here’s what you can begin enjoying with MY ELBERT™ right away:


Starter Level (3 months)

  • 3 hours initial training on quick screen and PA Awareness Is Fun, additional TA
  • training (recommended for approx. 5-10 eligible students, needs to be ages 4-6).

Intermediate Level (6 months)

  • 5 hours initial training on Elbert Evaluation Level I and Choose Two Intervention (below), additional TA training ( recommended for approx. 10-15 eligible students,
  • Level 1 Elbert Evaluation).

Mastery Level (9 months)

  • 10 hours initial training on Elbert Evaluation Level I and Choose Three Interventions (below), additional TA training ( recommended for approx. 15-30 eligible students,
  • Level 1 Elbert Evaluation).

Complete Elbert (12 months)

  • 15 hours initial training Complete Elbert Evaluation and Choose Four Interventions (below), additional TA training (recommended for approx. 30 plus eligible students,
  • Complete Elbert evaluation).
  • Reading & Literacy:

Emergent/Beginning (Intervention Classes #1-2)

  • Emergent-Advanced Phonics Instruction & Reading Strategies
  • Phonological  Awareness, Listening & Working Memory
  • Fine-motor Development including Block versus Cursive Handwriting
  • Spelling & Sight Words Independent Book
  • Also, Environmental Print &  Early Writing (app.writer)

Intermediate/Advanced (Intervention Classes #3-5)

  • Vocabulary/Morphology Including Word Matrices & Diagramming
  • Also, Handwriting Including Cursive
  • Creative Writing Including Poetry
  • Comprehension Including Text Analysis & Reading In Research (Inquiry Based
  • (NIBL))


  • Also, Phonological Awareness, Expressive & Receptive Language (#6)
  • D.A.R.E Math Including Applied Word Problems (#7)
  • Reading In Research:  Critical Thinking Skills including mind maps,  4 F’s. &  3 R’s
  • Lesson Plan (#8)


  • Evaluative English Including Diagramming (#9)

…and much, much more! MY ELBERT™ gives you the tools you need for home and classroom instruction to encourage leadership and self love!


My program has been pretty awesome the way it was, but in response to overwhelming requests from Administrators, Program Managers & Parents around the world…


…seriously, around the World!


I am excited to introduce you to my latest opportunity to partner with this pilot program in Atlantic City Public Schools in partnership with fellow Dyslexic Success Story and 20-Year Educator, Linda Coyle.

Linda Coyle survived trauma, shame, & negative feelings brought on by undiagnosed Dyslexia. Her son gave her the gift with his diagnosis, which ignited her passion and purpose to meet the needs of her son and Special Ed students.


Perhaps, it was when her son said, “…this is where students go, whose needs are not being met yet.”  When asked if his needs were being met, he said,  “yes”.


This translated into a life purpose to work on  retraining her unique brain. She went on to complete advanced education, which formally equipped her to serve in the public sector from a place of empathy & compassion – her assigned students with learning uniqueness.


She has found success with utilizing a multi-sensory approach to reading and writing, small group instruction, mindfulness, and awareness activities from her yoga certification.


In celebration of the growth of Tricia Cook and MY ELBERT™, she has partnered with Tricia to introduce this program to the Public School System with the goal to help increase the self-esteem and outcomes of students, otherwise overlooked.


The bottom line here is you are getting a great deal.  All of this is done and compiled to address the entire child, inquiry-based learning design, certain to skyrocket your benchmarks, end of year reports, & cause your ACTUAL outcomes to reflect that you have truly met the individual needs of your child/student.


I’m confident once you have experienced, just the assessment alone, you’ll never go back to the old way.  


For individual pricing and scheduling please click the link and and transfer the risk from you and place it squarely on our shoulders.


So fill out form here to schedule your consultation today!



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