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My ELBERT: Everyone Learns Better Embracing Revolutionary Teaching


Tricia has helped my 7.5 year old dyslexic son improve his reading so much over tyre past few months and also teaching him to write cursive, which is definitely helping him too. His confidence has sky rocketed because of it. He says he’s finally learning to read and write and is always excited to go tutor with his friend Tricia. Highly recommend her services! -Anonymous Parent 10/16/19

Tricia is the most awesome tutor! Our daughter has made more progress with her than any other tutor we’ve had, and we’ve had a few! Tricia “gets” these kids on every level, and I don’t know where we would be without her!❤️ -Anonymous Parent 10/1/19



😏A testimonial video on my tutoring and Understanding Dyslexia program from a concerned mum…

🥳😝Actually no longer concerned for her own daughters reading and writing any longer (just 3 months of working with her) 😘😘😘

Check it out🧐🧐🧐she’s amazing🤩just love her accent!!




In tutoring yesterday, Daniel wrote a poem about how the Coronavirus news makes him feel (check it out). His musical ability and his way with words continues to amaze me. Parents, please read about this service that Tricia Cook offers… especially during the time schools will be closed. -Amy Boe, 3/14/2021


  • My son has been struggling reading and test anxiety. He has been seeing Tricia since August. After an evaluation, she pinpointed the problem and has worked with him on a weekly basis. His confidence with school work and test taking has risen immensely. Highly recommend Tricia. -Parent Anonymous




“Tricia has the gift of taking complex information and explaining it in easy-to-understand concepts for educators and parents. She incorporates a holistic approach to learning about the brain-body-energy approach to learning and thriving. Tricia is a great resource and a great author!”

Sherry Skyler Kelly, PhD Clinical Neuropsychologist-Licensed Psychologist Founder/PosiitiviTeens®



This review from Jackir Gorman about my article for which is the basis of  My ELBERT HERE


Not just Tutoring…I’m also available for coaching and consulting!! Just contact me and let me know 🙂- Tricia Cook



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