Speaking of the Whole Child again: where did you get the inspiration to write the program ELBERT™?

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Maria Montessori defines “spirituality” as one of the domains of Early Childhood Education and Development. I’ve been a Montessorian since around 2006 and teacher trainer since 2008. The thought of adding “spirituality” to kids’ education was in my Montessori training and practice of methodology. It’s also embedded in her Montessori philosophy. What’s interesting: About eight years ago, I also attempted to add “spirituality” into the domains of development into one of my ECE teachers’ training; not surprisingly, it was “shot down” by my supervisor instantly. I can not let go of even the yearning and need to add “spirituality” to the way I teach those with dyslexia and other neurodifferences with, of course, meeting their other needs such as cognitive and sensory-motor needs.

I have been tutoring since 2001; for about five years since my O-G training, I have been working heavily with students with dyslexia. I was blending Montessori and O-G methods and even came up with a program named, Oh Good Golly. To me using multi-sensory, individualized, sequential methods etc.. are key to helping students with learning differences; but a year ago, I was getting the guilt feeling of not “meeting the needs of the whole child”. Therefore, I started on writing my new Program Named ELBERT™ which is an intervention program to help students and training program to help parents and teachers to better understand learning differences and challenges. This  ELBERT™ program is a hybrid of elements from Montessori and Orton-Gillingham and based on my own inductive reasoning and a detective sense contributed to my own gift of dyslexia, certifications, credentials, and experiences including countless hours of student observations, educational research, and studies along with my perpetual care for children.

Therefore, please read my recent and now getting internationally recognized article (link below) which is now the basis of my Elbert program http://www.myelbert.com: Join in a discussion about my article: Looking to Heal Our Own [Learning] Difference Through Our Very Own DNA. HERE: https://myelbert.com/2020/02/27/looking-to-heal-our-own-learning-difference-through-our-very-own-dna-an-alternative-perspective-from-the-spirit-soul-and-body-cook-t-2020/

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😆❤️Course: The ELBERT™ Program Course (for parents, teacher, caregivers) includes understanding their child’s
dyslexic characteristics and gifts, the brain, and ways of helping their reading through writing and speaking including phonological awareness.
For 12 Sessions😅, parents and teachers can participate in classes to find out more about dyslexia from a Montessori Perspective!!🤓
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Starts 5/25/2020- your child can join online for  ELBERT™ SUMMER Fun SERIES SCHEDULE email tcooktutoring@gmail.com or press here: BOOK NOW  

Best Regards, Tricia Cook, Reading Specialist, Behavioral & Dyslexia Interventionist, O-G AA Tutor & Montessorian

To read more about Maria Montessori: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fully-human/201910/one-the-20th-centurys-greatest-educators

Montessori Methodology- read more here: https://kindredspiritslearning.com/2020/01/27/bite-sized-montessori/

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