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My ELBERT: Everyone Learns Better Embracing Revolutionary Teaching
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There’s a lot to be said for Maria Montessori’s observations of trusting the universe along with ‘the child’. If we love and trust our children, this becomes their inner thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. When they trust their own brain [and heart], they can experience the “gifts of dyslexia” and learn anything the way they learn best.

People with dyslexia have a sound and language processing problems. They will struggle to connect letters to sounds and, mainly problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words; as well, those with visual processing problems struggle to understand visual information such as letters, shapes, or objects and, mainly problems processing graphic symbols. Related to the absorption and processing of sounds [sounds especially can be omitted from words by the student], students with dyslexia most commonly omit letter sounds, words, phrases in the middle position, then the end, and least commonly the beginning. When they omit, they might do sound confusions such as repetition(s), substitution(s), addition(s) or delete altogether, on the other hand; transversal and reversal are more common in students with a visual processing problem-have them remember: if it doesn’t look or sound right reread or rewrite till you’re brain feels like “it’s just right” [trust your brain-you are smart, you can do it, and you are love].

People with dyslexia also have a high coexistence of ADHD (3 types). People with ADHD and Dyslexia have difficulty processing the  basic sounds of language (phonemes) and graphic symbols causing fluency struggles. They “stumble over words” due to reading and processing too fast/slow; mainly, in the beginning-ending of word, sentence, paragraph, passagerest of the time not too fast/slow sometimes it’s “just right” (I call this “varied reading rate”). If varied prosody, reading rate, and expression/intonation objective aren’t met and they still don’t seem to comprehend; mainly, in the beginning-ending of paragraph, passage, etc. have them remember: if it sounds or looks too fast or slow, or robotic, then adjust your prosody and reading rate by rereading so it will be “just right” [trust your brain- you are smart, you can do it, and you are love].

Both, people with just dyslexia and dyslexia along with ADHD are notoriously known for “guessing at words” and stories meaning despite having average/high IQ due to the dyslexia and ADHD tendencies! They both are having natural universal emotions of learning (such as anger, shame which need to be replace with strength and empathy, as well as, remembering calm). The tendencies change according to the reading, hour day, week, etc.. Also, the tendencies way heavily on if they are sick, hungry, tired, or stressed. Reading can make them feel ill with headaches, stomach aches/knots, tight shoulders/neck and even dizzy.

People with dyslexia, can also be neurodivergent (think differently and view the world with a different lens). Also, seeking out endeavors of creative, imaginative, visual, artistic, and visionary skills while taking on inventing, and innovating pursuits. Lastly, excelling at thinking of “outside the box” solutions, seeing a problem from many different sides (average/higher IQ), and strong spatial relationships along with the ability to think in three dimensions.


My Story

Those that read my story and struggle with learning need to remember the story of Brunette-locks and the Three Doors know what they are and how they are made is “Just Right” and as God had planned!


In this story, Nettie Fermeracle discovers the veil of being imperfect was her ego’s illusion. She experienced the heartache and troubling mind of having a learning difference. Yet, she finds courage and compassion that she needed to when the last door was opened; she gladly accepted the loving invitation of salvation.

Nettie, the girl in my story, is myself…Patricia Flotte Cook. I am not simple nor slow but rather complex and SAVED- thanks to these life lessons, experiences, and trauma including all the antagonist involved; Thanks to God, my protagonist. I just won’t define by my dyslexia and ADHD [undiagnosed Twice Exceptionality] nor as a Southern-Christian lady, Teacher/Tutor, Educational Consultant, and Mom/Wife; I concentrate in serving others through Him by mainly using my gifts of dyslexia which are “getting the whole picture” which includes deep and holistic, list-form thinking, problem-solving, building/constructing abilities, computer skills, gaming strategies, and emotional/intellectual sensitivities.


My Story: The Gift Of Dyslexia

Written by -Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG;

Humbled by His Faith for to Conquer Pride by: ‘Do not be afraid and anxious, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. But [strive for and actively] seek His kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well. ‘ Luke 12:31-32

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Dedicated To: God, my friend and honorable

brother who has saved so many lives,

thanks…Ted, and to the rest of my family

and friends whom love and support me


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